November 13, 2018

Triton Algae Innovations Honored With 2018 Sustainability Award

Partners with InterContinental Hotel to serve algae-themed lunch to 270+ conference attendees.


San Diego, CA – Triton Algae Innovations, a San Diego-based startup company which is introducing a healthy, nutritious green algae into the food market, was recently honored with the 2018 Sustainable Seafood award, as part of the 10th annual BlueTech summit conference hosted by The Maritime Alliance (TMA). The TMA award was presented jointly to Triton and the InterContinental Hotel, to honor their collaborative efforts to promote sustainable algae for food. InterContinental executive chef Paul McCabe worked with Triton to create a full algae-based lunch menu for conference attendees.

In accepting the sustainability award for Triton, Dave Schroeder, Director of Corporate & Regulatory affairs, stated that Triton is excited to be introducing its algae into the market as a new, all-natural and non-GM source of protein, and noted that it can also play a role in addressing a looming global protein shortfall. 

“Our algae is rich in protein, vitamin A, iron and essential amino acids,” said Schroeder. “The market is going to need this and other new sources of protein to help address the rising global demand for food, and the current inability to meet that demand, as we barrel toward 10 billion people on this planet by 2050.”

As Triton’s algae enters the market, the company is thrilled to be collaborating with culinary experts like Chef Paul McCabe, who are both highly skilled and passionate about incorporating innovative and nutritious ingredients into foods. Responding to consumer demand for options that are both delicious and sustainable provides an exciting window into the future of food.

Xun Wang, President and CEO of Triton, said that events such as BlueTech Week and the algae-themed lunch are critical to illustrating to consumers, and to industry, how readily this new and healthy ingredient can be incorporated into foods people are already familiar with.  

“We are currently in discussion with several large food companies who are interested in using our algae as an ingredient in existing or new food products,” stated Wang. “There is clearly a wide range of practical applications for our algae in foods, so for these companies to actually see how the visionary chefs we’ve worked with, like Paul McCabe at the InterContinental’s Vistal and Brian Malarkey at Herb & Wood, can turn it into truly amazing dishes and desserts that diners clamor for, is the best proof positive I think there could be, and we are very grateful for these collaborations.”

Wang will be giving a presentation later this month at the influential Agri-Food Tech conference in Singapore, where Triton will also be showcasing new prototype samples of foods made with its algae, including noodles, cookies, and protein-dense energy bars.

About Triton Algae Innovations

Triton is a San Diego-based startup company committed to bringing to market a nutritious green algae, as a sustainable and affordable source of alternative protein to help meet growing global demand. This algae is GRAS for its intended use in food products, and contains high levels of protein, Vitamin A, essential amino acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils.  It is poised to become an affordable addition to healthy diets, as an ingredient in existing or new food products.

Triton’s algae is also a platform for the safe expression of high-value proteins which to date have been difficult or impossible to produce at a commercial scale.  These include colostrum proteins, which occur naturally in the breast milk of all mammals and are of great interest to the infant nutrition sector, and heme proteins, which are of high interest to "alt-meat" producers.