October 25, 2014 

Dr. Xun Wang joins Triton as President and Chief Executive Officer

Triton adds decades of expertise in agricultural business

October 25, 2014 -Prior to Triton, Dr. Wang was a Senior Vice President at Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 company. As the Head of Technology, his responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of Algae-to-Oil technology development, driving company scientific strategy, and developing internal and external scientific collaborations. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President of R&D at Sapphire Energy Inc., a leading algae biofuel start-up company based in San Diego. Here, Dr. Wang led all R&D programs, including algae genetics and biotechnology, and cultivation and harvesting systems.

From 1993 to 2010, Dr. Wang held various positions in leading agricultural industries. Dr. Wang was the President of Syngenta Biotechnology (China) Co. Ltd. (SBC). He was also the Asia Pacific Regional Head of Biotechnology in Syngenta, a member in the Syngenta Global R&D Leadership Council, and a member of the Syngenta Global Biotechnology Leadership Team. From 2006 to 2010, he led the effort of setting up SBC, a Syngenta global R&D center. Before this, he was the Head of Trait Research and Technologies at the Syngenta global biotech R&D center in North Carolina, as well as the Founder and Director at Torrey Mesa Research Institute (Syngenta) in San Diego. Prior to Syngenta, Dr. Wang was a Research Manager in Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Iowa, a DuPont Company, where he led the very first genome project in the agricultural industry.

Dr. Wang is author or co-author of 52 patents and has published 21 international, peer-reviewed research articles. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Biochemistry from Jilin University, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Iowa State University.