Michael Mayfield 

Research Technician

Mike joined Triton Algae Innovations, Ltd. in June 2013 when Triton was just found. He started in Triton’s strain development team where Triton’s novel expression technologies were developed, especially for protein expression accumulation under dark conditions in fermentation conditions. Mike was also a key contributor of developing the purification procedure for Osteopontin expressed in C. reinhardtii to achieve >90% purity. Both technologies were filed for patent applications as competitive components of Triton’s IP portfolio. Since 2017, Mike has joint the fermentation process development team to further optimize production process in order to achieve 100 grams per liter and 150 grams per liter production milestones. To diagnose and prevent contamination, Mike has developed PCR based detection methods for C. reinhardtii cultures.

Mike received his BS degree in Biology from University of California Santa Cruz in 2013.