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JeffrEy Horowitz 

Senior Fermentation Process Engineer

Jeff is a senior fermentation process engineer at Triton Algae Innovations.  Jeff brings over 25 years of process engineering and biological science expertise to Triton. At Triton, Jeff provides process engineering expertise for process design and scale-up of algal fermentation processes to produce biomass and proteins. Jeff plays an instrumental role in the design and build out of Triton’s new pilot and production facilities. Additionally, Jeff provides Triton with expertise in technical economic modeling and technical transfer to Triton’s partners.

Prior to joining Triton, Jeff had an extensive career in bio-industrial biotechnology as well as cGMP manufacturing in engineering design and scale-up for a variety of products.

Most recently, Jeff designed cGMP facilities for Novo Nordisk and developed plant cell culture equipment and processes for the production of phytoactives at Diana Plant Sciences as an associate director of development. At Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Jeff designed and built a cGMP aseptic pilot plant. At Synthetic Genomics Jeff was responsible for phototrophic algal scale-up for bio-oil production and heterotrophic fermentation for single cell proteins. At Codexis, he worked as a process engineer evaluating microbial strain fermentation scale-up for production of evolved enzymes.  

Jeff’s other experiences includes development, equipment engineering and scale-up for a cell culture process to produce collagen protein at Allergan, fermentation consulting at Bayer for mammalian cell based processes, biofuels development and engineering at Arkenol, and production of bio-consumables at Beckman-Coulter .

Jeff has a PhD in chemical/biochemical engineering from UCLA, a masters degree in chemical engineering from Clarkson College of Technology and a bachelors in chemical engineering from the City University of New York.