Research Scientist

Job Description

Triton Algae Innovations Ltd., an innovative future-food technology company, is seeking a Scientist for a position at our San Diego, CA facility. The individual will lead the strain development team to novel strains of algae for food applications through non-GMO and GMO techniques. Non-GMO techniques include UV mutagenesis, mating, or cell sorting. GMO techniques include the development of novel transformation vectors to alter host genomes. Additionally, the candidate should have a strong background in assay development and molecular biology.  

Job Summary

The scientist position will be required to develop novel strains of algae through non-GMO and GMO techniques and will be responsible for leading the strain development team.


  • Design assays to identify novel strains of algae

  • Design evolution strategies – Mating/mutagenesis

  • Lead the junior team members to accomplish research milestones

  • Organize and maintain master cell banks to ensure the integrity of Triton’s cell lines

  • Develop novel molecular biology tools for strains of algae

  • Optimize expression of unique bio-molecules in host organisms

  • Prepare samples for analysis

  • Communicate with other scientists and VP of research and development

  • Recording data

  • Prepare detailed summary reports for VP of research and development

EXPERIENCE and Education

Masters of PhD in biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, or related field; preferred 2+ years of industrial experience.

  • Proven ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

  • Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and strong computer skills (Microsoft Office, etc.).


  • Negotiable based on experience


  • Submit applications curriculum vitae to