Built on over 30 years of research

Producing the best proteins from nature

Pioneering leaders of the algae industry

Triton enables and enhances the power of natural algae for you

Developing high-value, life-changing, and affordable products, containing the most effective and essential nutrients that nature provides for us.

Harnessing the power of life to develop life changing products

Unique technology unlocking the potential of algae

Using algae to craft the next generation of effective and affordable products to support a healthy life

The platform of the future is here and hard at work for you now.


Utilizing algae to provide life essential materials

Leveraging the natural traits of algae that produce high levels of valuable and useful proteins.


Many of these proteins cannot be produced in other organisms (such as bacteria or yeast)

Others cannot be produced economically and at scale in those organisms that can make them (such as mammalian cell cultures)


An innovative IP-protected platform enabling low-cost production of high-value and impactful proteins

Massively scalable production for a global market while focusing on efficiency and purity in our process.


World-class institutions and companies that help cultivate, commercialize, and market our proteins and products.